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Laethwin the Younger

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Laethwin the Younger

One of the Wasted Elemenstors.


Furniliar: Rotavele the Stately Wardrobe.


History: Although not related to Laethwin the Elder, his striking similarity in both mirthless countenance and guttaral emanations earned him the appellation.


Frequent patron of the Pig's Annoyance and its slightly lesser known sister tavern, Pig's Featherbag, in the hamlet of Little Vinkum.


Known for his somber demeanor and for being a less than generous tipper, he is said to have once had a dispute with Dogus Brankorking about which little could be recorded because an arcane use of Brainmanglement Elemenstation was applied to muddle the memories of those present. Indeed, none of the witnesses were in fact able to recall in exactly which tavern the dispute happened (both Pig's Annoyance and Pig's Featherbag take credit) but all who bore witness later agreed that their purses and change bags afterwards were lighter.

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