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LAGER discussion

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This page is OOC.


So I'm writing a Light and Grossly Expergated Revision game in my spare time. I have lots. You'd be surprised. Any comments or whatever, spin 'em.


Let us know when the source book needs artwork. ;) --R.S.


I'm waitin' for more developments on the PnP rpg so that I can integrate most of the ideas in. Obviously they'll be more, uh, feasableized, but you can indeed be Cliche Happy or Improbably Busty. Cuz, hey, these are good ideas. -Jute Mill


Make it a d6-only game: it just fits the "Stale Edition" nickname. Or d2 if you feel like copying d02(KNOW NO LIMIT)


d02 indeed know no limit. I was thinking just using 1d10, ala Cinematic Unisystem, because a d6 is far too pedestrian for something so... Epic. -J.M.


d10 sounds nice, too. I take it you'll be using the "original" ELotH:TES RPG stats? - Leo

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