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Lands of Va

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Lands of Va


Geography of Va


Va is a largely-flat but tectonically active area rich in elements such as argon and mercury, with a high percentage of meteroric iron. It is known to change its configuration rapidly, making maps of the region useless. The only consistent feature of the land is the large plateau in Central Va, which is the only inhabitable surface.


Va was located East of Portund for many millenia, until The Sundering, when it moved to the North of Portund. Its position did not change during The Unsundering, but during The Resundering it shifted several inches to the left.


The plateau of Central Va is dominated by the huge Halls of Va.


Southwestern Va is home to the famed Mercury Mines of Va.


Packs of wandering Moppets make up the bulk of the wildlife, trying to snuggle or evicerate whatever they encounter, sometimes both at once.


It is suspected that Va was so tumultuous because much of its lands were part of an ancient kingdom known as the Land of Thrown Fish. This land was by all accounts heavily and powerfully enchanted in those ancient days, affecting the permanent geographic stability and makeup of the lands.


Politics of Va


Va was ruled by 23 of the dreaded NightLairds with an iron fist. The NightLairds ruled a population of fify thousand humans, all of whom were dead. After the destruction of the NightLairds in Book 7, there is no record of the new government of the Lands of Va.


Languages of Va


The common people of Va do not speak any languages, on account of being dead. However, the NightLairds speak all languages (even the unknown, unpronounceable and made-up ones) with a fluency and accuracy unmatched by even the greatest scholars. Travellers in the Lands of Va are strongly advised to avoid using adjectives.


Industries of Va


The principal export of Va is boiled mercury, which is renowned throughout Battal as being of superior quality. Captured Witch-Elves are forced to work the Mercury Mines of Va until they finally expire from mercury vapour inhalation. The raw mercury is transported to the Halls of Va for boiling. The proceeds from the boiled mercury trade were spent on building additions to the Halls of Va.

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