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Clad in rayment of colorful garment over covered robes thick and brown, on their heads a silver circlet, and on their chins a wooly beard.

The order of Lawmakers were the enforcing sheriffs of the emerging Item Laws in the pre-Elemenstation period of Battal. They worked largely independantly, but loosely collectively, in order to maintain order and prevent the rampant production of unusable or unregulated magical items which would be at best misleading and useless and at worst a destroyer of all things, if not time itself.


The system of Lawmakers came about as a reaction to The War of the Item Guilds, which their rule ended. They continued to hold power until the rise of the Item Law Makers Guild, which was violently formed from within their own ranks. In the period between these two seminal events, the Lawmakers had great largely autonomous power which some used for good, and others for ill. Little is known about their internal codification and organizational hierarchy, while their set of Item Laws, Item Laws A - Z, may have been lost to the ravages of time forever. Some Lawmakers wore white garments below their robes and were known as Proffelers, where as others wore purple and were referred to as Docuscribes. Also there were internal orders such as the Light of Sted, Shimmerflex, and the Sanguine Arm. Again, little is recorded about these groups.


Notable Lawmakers

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