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Life is the supreme force that governs the existance of all living things. Flowing through the very souls, essences, spirits, bodies, and chi of all living things, it bears all of life in its life-bearing magics. Its symbol in the CCG is the Leaf but in the older CCG it was the Luscious Lady of Life.

The energy of the Life Element is not to be confused with the rubian energies that animate familiars and Furniliars. Though the precise nature of Life energy is sketchy, it is clear that rubian energy is of a very different stripe.


Life Elemanifestations can summon Go-groweners which bolster the natural, vital energies of a living creature, allowing it to become more naturally vital. It is extraordinarily difficult, and some would say impossible, for even the most skilled Elemenstor to use the Life Element for anything beyond augmentation of an already living thing. As the great Elemenstor Vivaticus D'Nagglebaum once said, "The Life Element is kind of a cocktease." Of course, he may also have been referring to the Luscious Lady of Life, Life's traditional pictoral representation.


A Life Elemenstor is known as a Borner. It is said that the Shimmering Sword of Life is the embodiment of the Life element.


Life gears are somewhat varried and limited at the same time. Many Life gears are defensive, good at killing undead, or oriented around healing, and thus Borners filled the role of "typical fantasy White Mage" for several centuries. Eventually Life Elemenstors discovered new Elemanifestations and gears that allowed them to manipulate the physiological makeup of living things to enhance and control them, giving them a broader range of offensive choices. Borners prefer to use these to control plant-life, since it tends not to scream when it is mutated, then sent into battle against Eldritch forces.


is the ancient character the Hierarchs used for writing the word Life. Life energy usually manifests in the form of a green light, which in large quantities can be quite deadly, because green clashes with virtually EVERYTHING and looks remarkably ugly.




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Tim said

at 2:09 am on Jun 23, 2006

great job on the gears info Zeta.. I like the summaries of the gear abilities associated with each element.

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