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Linker of Sausage

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Linker of Sausage


When Rothgar The Air Breather was low on funds, he'd take up odd jobs, as the interest rates on Spoils of War Day Now services tended to cost an arm and a leg, usually literally. However this work was typically not very satisfying, especially for one, like Rothgar, who had aquired so many titles already. Still, it was only possible to rob and murder so many people before the law would get up the courage to confront him and so these odd jobs would be undertaken, usually with Rothgar in a bad mood.


It was during one of these odd jobs, delivering food to shut-in wizards, when Rothgar earned his title. One of his clients discovered that his sausage order, clearly marked up to be of the linked variety, was in fact not. Upon hearing this complaint, Rothgar let loose the now infamous cry:


"I'll link your sausage!"


One expertly cast enchantment later and he was doing just that. Sadly, the exact method used to complete such a task has been lost, although since this title is with us today it is safe to say that there was indeed such a method and Rothgar used it to great effect.


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