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After the Slaughter of the Micronic Plains and the culimination of the Great War of Minuschitae, the people of Minuschitae realized that true peace and harmony could only be aquired though truly enlightened leaders. Although called kings, Littleosopher-Kings were not chosen based on heredity but rather through challenge of wits. Two contenders would be chosen to argue about increasingly complex and esoteric subjects until one of them suceeded in saying something so smart that it gave the other a headache.


The Littleospher-Kings led Minuschitae into a glorious golden age, during which the arts, science and culture all reached standards beyond anything else ever imagined in Battal. They mandated the development of the standard system of Minuschitian Measures, paid for gigantic (by Minuschtaen standards) public monuments, sponsored painters, bought sculptures, commissioned symphonies, and funded all manner of scientific research. It is suspected that they even realized Minuschitae's relationship to Battal.


After the arrival of Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer and Yar the Sorcerial, the Littleosopher Kings still continued to rule, but were no longer able to maintain perfection in Minuschitae. "The Rise and Fall of Minuschitae" describes what happened in post-Hammer era, but due to its narrative style, only specifically details how The Minupalypse affected a single Minuschitaen family. Some have speculated that the Littlesophers, using the knowledge harnessed during their reign, escaped the Minupalypse undetected and went on to become the first Chronosorcellors (in terms of causality, not time) in an attempt to save their people. Their success or failure in this mission has been seen/is being seen/has yet to be seen.

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