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Lord Ghor Gon Zolma

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Lord Ghor Gon Zolma


b. 16,420 (TU)


The creator of the Item Law Makers Guild, and first Grand Chief Itemstrator.


As a young child, Zolma had always had a fasination with items of magic and power, as well as a prodigal knack for High Elemenstation. He would only use this gift, however, to defend and protect the objects of his affection, magic items.


As a teen, Zolma saw terrible abuses by item vendors peddling shoddy, misnamed, counterfeit, or dangerous magic items on the streets of Middleclang. Once he was of age Zolma ventured out to hone his powers and spead his ideals that magic items should be govered after. Zolma preached that more laws and editcs were needed to protect the sanctity of the items. Soon Zolma built a following of many others who stood behind his beliefs. They were in fact the crude beginning of the Item Law Makers Guild.


It was during this journey that Zolma met and befriended the tribe of Dolphinthropes that would one day become the Item Death Squad.


After a few years the numbers of his followers grew to over 50,000. Zolma demamded that he now be given the legal power to truly enact his dream, a self-sustaning organization that had full supreme authority over all magical items. Such was the enormity of his vision, that when the Lawmakers refused his demands, he staged a coo, and killed all the Lawmakers that opposed him. The mighty task of item regulation was given to him, and on that day the Item Law Makers Guild was born, and the 500 Item Laws were written.


Since that day the Grand Chief Itemstrator of the ILMG has made sure that the sanctity of all magical items and goods has been kept pure, and that the dream of Zolma will live to for eternity.

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