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Lyssa Circumstances

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Lyssa Circumstances




The only child of Co'ner the Bright Eyed and Perilous Circumstances, Lyssa ended up being far more like her violent mother than her pacifistic father. Still in her early years she had a somewhat normal childhood, if having an immortal father and mildly insane mother are normal. Nonetheless her family had settled down in the quiet little town of Steward in The Kingdom of Yymp. There they built a house and took up semi-normal lives with Co'ner playing at the local inn and Perilous taking care of small Lyssa.


It seems that some of Co'ner's longevity rubbed off on Lyssa as she well out lived all her friends that she had made in Steward. Seeing the deaths of all her friends turned her into a recluse and she wandered off into the mountains of Battal ending up taking residence near Upsy Mountain Pass. There she sat alone as several generations of Men passed her by. Finally her solitude was broken when a voice echoed in her mind. The voice talked with her and compelled her to seek its source out. After venturing the length and breadth of Battal she finally found the source, Jonathon the Singing Throne. He apparently had contacted her because of her decent from Perilous his first assassin and he intended to use her in the same capacity. Lyssa agreed and started her work of point blank assassinations with a crossbow.


How many assassinations she had to preform or how successful is unclear. The only recorded assassinations were the failed attempt on Grey Half-a-Brow (The Dawn of Unlight's Setting, Part 1: The Rise of Dusk) and a successful attempt made on a seemingly random peasant (The Forgotten Faction). It is also unclear what else exactly Lyssa did during her time under the command of Jonathan as few details are provided in the two books that were supposed to focus on her The Dawn of Unlight's Setting, Part 1: The Rise of Dusk and The Dawn of Unlight's Setting, Part 2: Victory's Deathknell. The most complete record of anything she did was the time she spent with the Falchion Faction, how she traveled back in time is never specified but it is possible that the Throne sent her back, but seeing as afterwards she never remembered that incident it never really impacted her in the long run. After the Singing Throne disappeared, Lyssa also disappears. Fan Theories contend that the Throne took Lyssa with him but no canon exists to support this claim.



There is that throw away reference by Co'ner about watching his daughter die of old age that he makes in Players of Battal. Perhaps a comment on the controversy?
There is so little evidence about her later life that we don't really know if she begins aging normally again. She may have just disappeared and Co'ner thought she died of old age. Then again he was singing a song about the price of being immortal so it could be that he took some artistic license. -bfg00

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