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matzah ball

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Matzah Ball


A matzah ball is a small, nearly undetectable device commonly inserted into soups. It imparts delicious flavor and a number of nutrients, but is easily choked upon. It behooves the chef to warn those eating the soup to watch out for the matzah ball, because while it is considered an absolute requirement for all fine gourmet soups, there is some disagreement among chefs as to whether or not it should be removed before serving. People generally assume that it has been removed, which can lead to tragedy, such as when Frand Burgrovitae DVIII choked on one in his soup.


For fun, you can cook up a special ELOTH:TES variant of matzah ball soup, the real-life traditional Jewish dish! Make some of the real matzah ball soup, and then throw in a ball bearing or something...great for ELOTH:TES fan-group Passover seders!

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