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Mellanni Starsong

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Mellanni Starsong

Mellanni Starsong was a talented Daigon tamer and a graduate of the Graha School of Daigon-Taming, where she eventually became a teacher. She was known for her great beauty as well as her cruel nature, stringing hopeful young men along only to crush their spirits when they were at their most vulnerable.


As put forth in the novel Doctor B's Be Somebody or Be Somebody's Stool, she was the inadvertent cause of the rise to power of Radwrack the Black, as his descent into evil was instigated by her particularly nasty rejection of his affections.


Although she was one of the survivors of the Graha School's "Ghoul Incident" and went on to be a respected (but generally disliked) teacher, she did not survive Radwrack's vengeful return to the school. After burning the premises to the ground and scattering the students and faculty into the inescapable horrors of Collinswood Grove, he took particular interest in hunting down "that Mellanni bitch" for individual attention and a sticky end.

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