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The least discerning of the original four Most Discerning Races, it is believed that they accidentally stumbled into the Vale of Airth from a realm of pure punctuation that momentarily brushed against the Elmether. While being the least discerning Men acquired a certain special place in the hearts of the Hierarchs who bestowed on Men The Final Gift of the Hierarachs. Also Men are thought to have received The Ritual of Brain'age from Ulythyan, Friend of Men, which Men used to become the most discerning race, at least in their opinion. Men are common among the races of Battal. Even in a robust and epic land filled with people of so many races, Men persist. They live everywhere. In the fields. In the mountains. In the cities. The Men are there.


Some would be sure to point out that women, actually, were there too. However, when the execs at Realmworlds Publishing decided to grow the fan base of the franchise beyond its core demographics of virgin teen males and the mentally handicapped, there was some effort to refer to the race as "humens". The fandom almost universally rejected this. The gender dynamics of ELotH:TES are explored in the Literary Criticism section under Gender Dynamics in ELotH:TES.


Apparent Descendents


Related Species

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