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Physically identical to a Nightstand minus the endless bloodlust and twistedness, they are equally rare and difficult to transchant. They are constructed exclusively from Omni Fruit Trees, during High moons, though it is not a requirement, as any other sentient plant will do. The entire tree must be plucked and carefully pruned so as to keep it alive, this being crucial for the process of furnilisation. Technically they aren't even furniture at all, more of a still living botanical aproximation of furniture, kinda like an arch fashioned by twisting the branches of two trees together.


The biggest reason mightstands are different from nightstands is that they are never allowed to experiance Non-Life which is when nightstands inexplicably gain seething hatred for the living. They go straight from silently sentient life as trees into very vocal and abulatory still-kinda-life. Their creation was supposedly inspired by the similar The Ent Table. Mightstands exhibit a natural pale blue color almost exclusively, as they aborr varnish, laquer, and stain. Being living plants they have an immunity to Carry, with the trade-off of susceptability to Death.


Though the might in mightstand is supposed to signify their strength compared to average furniture, in practice it stands for "Might still kill you" since mightstands are by no means non-violent, they are merely less inclined to kill you, they still could and probably would, specially if you offend them.


The particularly notable mightstand from canon is Curtis the Mightstand.

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