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Mighty Taur

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Mighty Taur






  • War
  • Husbands and Males
  • Destruction
  • Hammers
  • Protection
  • Wrath
  • Bloodlustiness


Other Names

  • The War Father
  • The Great Protector


Known Relations

  • Son and Husband of Gaia



Mighty Taur is not physically described in minotaur legend as it is seen as disrespectful, however he is described as being strong, massive, angry and weilding a mighty hammer. Mighty Taur is revered among the minotaur as their war god and as their father who gave them the command to:


"Breed! Graze! Hammer!"


They take this command very seriously and any serious neglect of one of these commands is seen as a serious offense to minotaur society and to Mighty Taur is usually punished by death.


Reverence is payed to Mighty Taur at the setting of the Sun, at the beginning and end of a battle, and at the coming of age ceremonies for minotaur males. He is also invoked by Minotaur Shaman for advice in warfare and for him to bestow his mighty wrath and bloodlustiness on the Shaman and on those present. It is said that those who receive this blessing are the avatar of Mighty Taur himself. As described in a common minotaur war chat:


"You have not seen nothing like the Mighty Taur."



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