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A peaceful and agrarian kingdom existing within a hair on Frand Burgrove's pillow, Minuschitae existed entirely durring The Longest Moment. Travel between Battal and Minuschitae requires the Chronosorcellors' art's considering Minuschitae's relative size and speed of the flow of time in relation to that of Battal. All of Minuschitae's history was described by Tycho Brahe's epic poem, The Rise and Fall of Minuschitae.



Minuschitae was a largely peaceful kingdom, ruled by the line of god-kings thought to be descended from Frand Burgrovitae I, a 1/10,000,000th-scale sized clone of Frand Burgrove. All was calm in the kingdom, and for an entire seven seconds the Burgrovitae Dynasty oversaw an era of enormous agricultural surplus, a 104% increase in pubs per capita, and the creation of stable and efficient bureaucratic systems.


This was interupted, however, by The Great War of Minuschitae, which erupted after Frand Burgrovitae DVIII died while eating his soup. Krand Burgrovitae CCXCIII, Frand Burgrovitae DVIII's younger brother, was accused of assassinating his brother and, although innocent, in self defense formed an army to defend his right to succession. The war was the bloodiest in Minuschitae's history--although, seeing as Minushciate only had one war, and seeing as Minuschiate was an exlclusively peaceful agarian society, there was very little actual combat. Only one person, Grinda Flargbace, was killed, along with a sheep and a donkey, at Slaughter of the Micronic Plains. Horrified at the thought of someone actually dying, an armistice was signed between the two opposing sides. When it was discovered that Frand Burgrovitae DVIII had actually choked on a small, undetected matzah ball in his soup, the conflict came to an official close.


Tired of war, the people of Minuschitae decided to elect the smartest and most moral of their kind to govern them, leading to the ascent of the Littleosopher-Kings, who ruled over a 2 second golden age. The Littleosopher-Kings encouraged the development of philosophy, music, art, and scientific inquiry, resulting in a flourishing of culture and intelligence among all levels of society unprecedented in all of Battal.


From out of nowhere, a large unenchanted spikey hammer appeared. There was much strife over this hammer--the Littleosopher King could discover neither a rational explanation for its appearance nor a good use for it. Thus, a group of scientists was sent to study the hammer, determine its origins and purposes, and report back to the community within 6 miliseconds. Simultaneously, Yar the Sorcerial entered the kingdom through the selfsame portal as the hammer, largely escaping notice. Yar's power increased greatly during his time in Minuschitae, however his Minuschitaen adventures were cut short when The Minuthrim sighed, signaling the beginning of The Minupalypse.


The horrors of the Minupalypse upon the peaceful peoples of Minuschitae were truly heart-wrenching and are detailed through the eyes of Vaxin the Tiny in the last portion of The Rise and Fall of Minuschitae. This section describes the terrible effects of Burgrove's sigh on a single family, from which literary tecnique the reader is meant to infer the effects of the sigh on the rest of the kingdom.


Knowing a good exit when he saw one, Yar the Sorcerial enchanted Ronard's Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer with an ensorcellment of perpetual peanut-like odour, thus utilizing the powers of The Enchanted Enchanter's Hat of Enchanted Enchanting to reopen a portal to Battal proper. Escaping in the nick of time, the furious energies ripping apart Minuschitae propelled Yar through space and time, blasting his infant self out of his mother's birth canal and igniting him on fire. Vaxin the Tiny was lucky enough to be standing near Yar at the moment he left the kingdom, and was brought into Battal along with Yar and the hammer. Vaxin is the only member of the Minuschitaen people to survive The Minupalypse.

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