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Also See: Wombamancy


A Vampyre. Not much is known of his life before the Vampyric Wars, where he served as a general in Lord Vhadxi's army.


Mo-pi, Vampyre General


Mo-pi was very much a soldier's general during the Vampyric Wars, becoming personally involved in many conflicts as the Twelve Realms fell to the power of the Vampyre army. While his acts are too numerous and gruesome to fully recount here, there are several which stand above and beyond the others and must be hilighted:


Mo-pi's Personal Timeline


  • Unknown - Converted to Vampyrism by Vhadxi himself



  • 1002 - Took a Garlic Moonfruit to the face in Blee
  • In the same year, hacked the limbs off a poor defenceless Tribbit*





  • 26,990 - Finds a clue to the location of the Wand of Unlight in a ruined Elven library


  • 27,093 - Forced to compare notes with Armba Alomba regarding the location of the Wand of Unlight even though he suspects that she wants it for herself


  • 27,480 - Hears about the Goldimaris Irregulars and decides that now would be the perfect time to disappear in search of the Wand


  • 27,510 - Returns to the War with the Wand
  • In the same year, a low-ranking Vampyre soldier mysteriously chokes to death on a rather large Garlic Moonfruit.**



See the timelines for The Unlight War and The Vampyric Wars for a broader overview of his military campaigns.


I need to read the later chapters of The Lost Tales of Shattered Kelembad as I am sure that they relate to Mo-pi's "death" atop The Impossible Spire and his later resurrection by Lord Vhadxi. I should have some more info soon. -- Simon.


* By all accounts there was no Garlic Moonfruit to hand.

** Why a Vampyre would be in possession of such a fruit or be attempting to eat it is something of a mystery. It is known that Mo-pi was playing cards with Gunter and Arkus at the time of the incident.

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