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Monsters of the Hierarchs

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Monsters of the Hierarchs


Released by Hasbro, the Monsters of the Hierarchs toys were the first inklings of the ELotH:TES canon to ever be seen in the US. The toyline was loosely based on sculpts, molds, and characters from the Japanese Elemental Monster Duel board/card game. However, Hasbro felt that the stories, motivations, and setting all needed to be drastically retooled to appeal to American consumers.


The toys would go on to inspire The Sundering of Vhaxdi, and later the American CCG. But by the time Tycho Brahe's The Elemenstor Cycle was concieved, the toys were long-forgotten and Brahe inspiration from the card game instead.


The Story and Setting

The Vampire Lord Vhadxi from the world of Sickle has gathered together the Sunderers, an evil group of monsters from the depths of chaos and war.


Only Prince Ronard and the Elemenstors can stand up to them to protect the world of Shield. The Elemenstors are a brave group of Elemental wizards who can summon the Monsters of the Hierarchs, Elemental Monsters with powers for good! But Vhadxi is seeking evil Elemenstors to help him as well! Which world will win the Epic conflict?!



Listed below are the characters as they were presented in the toyline. In parenthesis is their original biographies from the Japanese board game.


The Elemenstors

  • Prince Ronard - A valiant young prince who wields a gigantic battle hammer. (In EMD, he was a puppeteer who summoned marionettes to battle using a magical flute.)


  • Horatio - Prince Ronard's hilarious and loyal sidekick. (A repaint of an Elemanifestation character known as "Catarwail" in the EMD toys and games, his species was changed to a Tribbit which was presented as one of many races across Battal.)


  • Bibee - A fairy princess and Ronard's love interest. (Originally, a Celtic Godess in the Stonehenge expansion of EMD).


  • Harbinger Portent - A wise old wizard that mentors Ronard and Horatio. (His character is hardly changed from his original EMD incarnation).


  • Heeroh Troughberry - A loyal and serious retainer of Prince Ronard. (Originally "Scurvi the Bandit" in EMD).


The Sunderers

  • Vhaxdi - Vampire lord and merciless leader of the Sunderers. (An samurai who seeks justice in EMD).


  • Char Reyatheb - Harbinger Portent's evil and misguided yonger brother. (Originally, a cocksure young paladin named Io.)


  • Murma - A ghost brought back to life by Vhaxdi to terrify the living. (Also a ghost brought back to life to frighten the living).


  • Princess Crystalcrown - An evil and seductive sorceress who falls in love with Vhaxdi. (A prostitute that gained magical powers after sleeping with an Elemental Master).


Monsters of the Hierarchs

There were eight regular Monsters (Rayne of Water, Seth of Fire, Umbra of Death, Baba of Life, Zephyr of Air, Kaclang of Sound, and Thurr of Thunder. All of these would later go on to become stample Elemanifestations of the series, but in their incarnations here, they were powerful elemental weapons created by the God-like Hierarchs.


Following waves of toys introduced more Monsters of the Hierarchs, but these were not well recieved and did not survive the toyline.



Perhaps the most interesting aspect added to the Monsters of the Hierarchs toyline were Furniliars. Furniliars were not at all present in the Japanese incarnation of the game, but were introduced by Hasbro to add variety and more figures to collect in Wave 2 of the toys. In actuality, the "Furnilar Action Figures" were just dollhouse furniture from repackaged Barbie toys with googly eyes glued on. However, the concept struck a deep chord with the public, and they have remained a cornerstone of the franchise ever since.

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