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MooMaa was the epic Dyemon-Ghost defeated by The Wizbits during the course of the animated series. Having access to all the best powers of dyemon and Ghost, MooMaa was not someone to be messed with. Knowing they could not defeat MooMaa in a physical, head on clash, they instead managed to defeat him with a battle of wits in the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow after using their incredible *whirrrrrr*-making abilities to gain his attention.



(This is a bit sloppy, I'll admit. I'm going to re-read MooMaa's back story, and try to tidy things up later. Stay with me, though, I'll give MooMaa the write up he really needs~Blueant)


MooMaa has a very impressive background that easily explains how he came to wield the powers of both dyemon and ghost. It starts long ago, with a young farmer named Moothan Maanathis who discovered an eggplant of an oddly intense shade of purple (indigo, really) in the Dread Caverns of Lo'os. The shade of purple for this particular eggplant is described as "otherworldly" in Book 3 of Tycho Brahe's works. Young Moothan was a would-be adventurer with great plans for the future, but this fateful meeting would change all of that.




Moothan, eschewing the rest of the treasures found within the Caverns, snatched the eggplant and scurried away to the safety of his farming-hovel on the edge of town. It was there that the true nature of the eggplant was revealed. The 'plant held the concentrated essence of Brainmanglement Elemenstation—One of few such containers in all of Battal. Whispering promises of power and corruption to the young farmer, Moothan began the slow descent into pure madness, eventually ending with the death of Moothan after the ingestion of the 'Plant. As it ravaged his soul, changing him in mind and body, the strain proved to be too much; Moothan passed away, his entire world pain.


But death would not be the end for Maanathis. He would not be blessed with eternal slumber. His memories heavily damaged by the pure Brainmanglement, he was left with only the first parts of his name, MooMaa, and an intense hatred for all life, particularily crops of various sorts. The ghostly MooMaa quickly began to terrorize the small farming community from which he came, ruining crops left and right with his ectoplasmic blade, Howling Dark. It is thought that the revival of MooMaa's spirit was due to the reemergence of The Word Itself back into timespace.


At this point in time, the village called upon the services of Low Elemenstor Rosinquist, a shady character with limited knowledge of High Elemenstation. He was able to banish MooMaa down to the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow for the time being, but at great cost—Rosinquist was forced to make an Infernal Bargain with The Nastiest of the Nastiest Planes, so great was MooMaa's hatred towards all life.


It was there, however, that MooMaa met the Dark Master, who, upon seeing MooMaa's intense but badly-focused ghostly hatred, imbued him with the powers of the Dyemons, enabling him to begin work on his legacy of evil deeds in earnest. Leaving the Chasm he arrived first at the town of Disposcyl-Aerie in The Kingdom of Parsonya. Here he would perpetrate what would come to be called "the biggest gorefest ever".


These evil powers, as seen most prominently in The Wizbits (or more properly, ElamenSTAR) came, as do all Dyemon-gifts, with a curse. MooMaa's crippling weakness against high pitched "whirring" noises, which the Wizbits were able to exploit throughout the course of the series.


It is important to realize that the kanji 夢魔 is read as "muma," the Japanese word for "nightmare." Although MooMaa's name is always rendered as ムーマー in the titles and the scripts, it seems clear from the clues provided in ElamenSTAR that MooMaa was intended from the very first to someday wake from his own personal nightmare. The implicit references to the dreaming Red King in Alice and Wonderland make for fascinating literary inquiry on the level of Tycho Brahe's Elemenstor Cycle. When MooMaa meets his final end in Funeral for a Fiend, we see the effects of that awakening.


Powers of MooMaa

  • Master of Brainmanglement
  • Master Ecto-Swordsman
  • Master Dyemon-broker
  • Master Gourmet
  • Can Turn Into a Dyemon-Ghost Horse
  • Master of Sleight-of-Hand


MooMaa Trivia

  • Originally smoked constantly in the Japanese cartoon, the cigarette was edited out for the American release, but oddly enough, the actual smoke was left in.
  • May actually be the Lost Son of the Wutel, even though he is not, in fact, a Wutel.
  • Owns the Darkrift Fedora, possibly the most powerful hat in all of Battal.
  • Widely considered the "Boba Fett" of the ELotH:TES series.
  • Rumoured to have been so named as a snub against Brahe's Moominist religious leanings. However, more likely derived from the Japanese word for "nightmare," 夢魔 (romanized as "muma").
  • Has an encyclopedic collection of porn, which is kinda weird, considering he's a ghost and all.


MooMaa, of course, would go through several redesigns over the course of The Wizbits, the most infamous being the widely-reviled Starfish Moo Maa, which would first appear after MooMaa's apparent ultimate defeat at the hands of the Wizbits, when he reformed in the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow for the eighth time, more powerful then ever before.


As the name would suggest, Starfish Moo Maa resembled nothing more than a giant Ghost-Starfish with a talking sword made out of ectoplasm.


MooMaa's Forms


MooMaa's other forms include (In order of appearence):

(Note that this is not a complete list)


MooMaa's non-canonical forms include:


Rumors abound that MooMaa would have gotten the star treatment he so rightly deserved in the fourth season, and that he will be a co-star in the upcoming Erotic Blade of Shanari adults-only graphic novels.



by Jute Mill

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Anonymous said

at 2:14 am on Feb 10, 2006

cool.. I have a whole new respect for this character

Anonymous said

at 2:24 am on Feb 10, 2006

Yeah, it took a little research (my Japanese is not what it ought to be, I'm afraid) but I think I understand MooMaa a lot better once the Kanji is properly understood. The idea that MooMaa's nightmare is that he *is* a nightmare is a little mindbending, and that of course fits in quite well with the endgame ElamenSTAR theme of people waking up in a brand new life, perhaps repeatedly...

Anonymous said

at 4:28 am on Jun 5, 2006

Ohhh.......i get it hes like freddy krugger only more baddass and magical

Anonymous said

at 4:43 am on Jun 5, 2006

And he hasn't fought a reanimated corpse yet.

Anonymous said

at 4:43 am on Jun 5, 2006


Anonymous said

at 5:16 am on Jun 5, 2006

As far as is known and/or remembered anyway

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