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Mount Windice

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Mount Windice

As documented in Aardnarsh's Compendium (XI Edition), the Nartuush Tribe of the Arcane Northern Realms live in the shadow of Mount Windice. In their legends, after the birth of the world, it was formless and without shape. In their mythology, the world then underwent a series of what they referred to as Breakens. After each Breaken an element of what they called The Fully Formed was thrust into existance, forever changing the shape of the land. It was during the Fourth Breaken, or so their story goes, that the world spewed forth the towering peak of Mount Windice in a violent, screaming maternal gush.


This gargantuan summit is a monolith of stone and ice. It is said that in the core of this mountain courses the burning liquid fire of The Under-Middle World. (The same fire, according to Rickett's and Toby's Guide, Volume 19, that was instrumental in the forging of Malatox, the Omni Scarf.) Many an unwary traveler to Mount Windice has found himself consumed by the fiery burning of its icy cold. (Many Nartuush died to bring us this information.)


Tycho Brahe's Book 1: The Fires of Mount Windice details the journey of the young Tribbit, Horatio (son of Julio, son of Hermes, as you'll recall) as he embarks on a quest that will lead him straight to the towering inferno of frozen despair that is Mount Windice!



The information in Aardnarsh's XI includes the accurate portrayal of the Nartuush's beliefs about the birthing of Mount Windice. Do not confuse this with the information in Lazlo's Geographical Tome which was commonly considered authoritative for many years. Lazlo's suggests that the myths of the Nartuush state that Mount Windice was spawned during the 3rd Breakening, but this was later proven to be impossible. This is because we know that Eloth'ora Maxene was born BEFORE Mount Windice was spewn from the world, and she was clearly born at the beginning of the Third Breaken Period (ref. R&T's Guide, Vol. 12) the information in Lazlo's cannot be true.


It seems likely that the ancient oral tradition of the Nartuush is a remembrance of The Great Breakening, which fractured the world of Battal for more than 15,000 years into 16 medium sized nation islands. Few identified this legend's source because most history books record this period as The Great Bore and record that "nothing of much interest or importance happened during this period."

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