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Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: 44 (Horrifically Nasty)


The dreaded inhabitants of Myrkmoom, domain of Dark Elemenstrix Kapybara.


Myrkmoomin are universally thin and about three to four feet tall, have pale purple skin, three long fingers on each hand, walk about in a loping hopping fashion bend almost double and wearing no garb. Their oblong round heads are smooth and featureless save for a small round hole through which they eat, speak, breath and see. Additionally, it is through this "all-hole" that they speak in their sirenous whooping call vocalizations. They generally travel in packs of at least a dozen, which roam Myrkmoom apparently at the random whim of the pack leader.


The appearance of Myrkmoomin are always accompanied by a deep rooted sense of dread verging on panic.

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