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Mysterwoods of the Northern Vale

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Mysterwood of the Northern Vale


The Mysterwoods of the Northern Vale are renown for their magical foliage. It is often said that a person can change the color of the magical trees with merely a thought, but the truth is that it actually takes a good deal of persuading. The trees tend to take on a certain color, chosen apparently at random, during their sapling phase, but if a wanderer takes the time and effort of explaining to one of these mystical trees why the tree should be blue instead of green, for instance, often the tree will agree.


Experienced tree-arguers know that pouring a small sacrifice of ale or wine on the roots of the tree before discourse increases the likelihood of the tree's being persuaded.


There are currently over 16,000 known names for the trees of this magical forest, which is odd, since the forest currently consists of fewer than 4,000 trees. (It seems that the trees of the forest couldn't agree on a name for themselves.)


Notable animal residents of the forest include the bugglywump and rusglywerg, which are types of rodents that gain primary sustenance from the staple fungus grumgum.


Timeline of the Mysterwoods


  • -70,101 - The Encients disappear from the forest, and form all reckoning. The grove where they were last seen is named for the last of the Encients, known to the Nevelost as Merrigold.



  • -28,951 - The Band of Men swear to protect the enchanted forest that is the Mysterwoods with their very lives.



  • -27,998 - The Nevelost make their village of Merrigold within this most enchanted of woods their primary seat of power.



  • -21,001 - Many Elves flock to the wonderful city of Merrigold, attracted by the beauty and grace of the Nevelost. Many intermarry with the Nevelost, producing what are generally agreed to be beautiful children (referred to as Nevelves).


  • -19,877 - The gradual deforestation of the Mysterwoods, which until this point the Nevelost were much to distracted to notice, has reached the point where only a small wreath of trees surround the city of Merrigold. More and more of the population of Merrigold are moving below ground anyway as the Silverstone mines grow deeper and deeper.



  • -19,232 - little remains of the Mysterwoods, due to deforestation and a gradual dissappation of the lingering enchantments of the primordial vales on the lands. A terrible disaster collapses the tunnel entrance to the Underkingdom of Grth'lwythlnn, ending this chapter in Battal's history.

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