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Nartuush Tribe

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Nartuush Tribe


Scattered around the Arcane Northern Realms and hidden deep in the shadows of Mount Windice reside the Nartuush Tribe. Barbarians who subsist mainly off of the spoils of hunting, they alone posses the heartlessness and economic sense to slaughter the insanely cute Bugglywump for their valuable pelts. This trade is so lucrative in fact that many have stated the only thing that prevents the tribe from expanding into a all encompassing mess of corporate glut is their constant warring against the Dugba Scissor Tribe. The two tribes have a long history of pledging themselves against each other, the end result being the complete inability for either to progress beyond the most simple barbarian tribe social-economic infrastructure. Nobody seems to mind however: Frankly, everyone is perfectly fine with a system that allows you to bludgeon someone to death in a dispute, with the possible exception of those bludgeoned who are hardly in any state to complain about matters.


This history of bloodshed and lack of concern for the lives of cute things have led many to assume that the Nartuush Tribe is evil, and that malevolence is the only trait its members strive towards. This is not true as that alone fails to make them evil and they also believe quite highly in being punctual. They were however more then willing to support Skullmar in the Second Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness (see Book 12 for more information) and that certainly does make them evil, so those of you who had assumed so beforehand can rest easy knowing that you were right after all.


The only cultural contribution the Nartush Tribe has ever contributed was Eveomask, a holiday which spread like wildfire across the world. Possibly because it began with the setting of a number of wildfires.

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