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The Necrowombicon is a magical book of pure evil. The book contains spells that allow for the holder to raise an undead army of wombats that will do the bearer's bidding.


The book's creator is unknown, though much scholarly inquiry has been conducted to ascertain who that vile person was. According to some dubious historical sources the original wombats were slain by agents of Gespechio in The Hierarchy Era; the wombats apparently threatening an Ecreekem settlement. The unknown Wombamancer, so the historian Sagacious the Smart wrote, must have come across the field of battle shortly after the conflict and therefore could not have been human because humans did not appear until thousands of years after the destruction of Gespechio.


The first time the Necrowombicon is recorded in use is during The Second Age, eight years following the death of Sepathok, the swordmaster. A disciple of his, Caecilius the Eagle-Eyed, found the book and thought that raising an army of wombats to do his bidding would enable him to find the 100 Swords of Sepathok. However, shortly after raising the first regiment of wombats and laying waste to a village, for no better reason than to get a loaf of bread the baker would not sell to him, another disciple slew Caecilius and banished the wombats from the land. The other disciple's name is unknown, but it is believed that he wielded one of the 100 Swords into battle with Caecilius. This sword is thought to be the Blade Sword, which apparently almost shattered on contact with Caecilius' neck causing its wielder to throw it away in disgust.


More modern mentions say that in 809, as the Vampyric Wars were ravaging the Twelve Realms, a man by the name of Theodoric the Mildly Coherent of the kingdom of Morlond's Field found the tome in his garden plot. Being a bit less crazy than many of his neighbors he managed to make his way into the army of Shadia and in campaign he decided to open the Necrowombicon. He initially thought that it was a cookbook for cat based delicacies and began preparing his favorite dish, Roast Cat With Basil. As he was about to put the cat into the fire to roast he glanced down at the book and recited the ingredients aloud. Little did he know this was one of the Incantations of Wombamancy. Soon, the cat exploded and out of its corpse flew zombie wombats that smelled slightly of cooked basil. Thinking the wombats were his food, Theodoric chomped down on the head of one, devouring its brains. Ingesting rotten cerebrum caused Theodoric to go into seizures of a most spectacular nature; finally, his head exploded all over his tent.


The fifty wombats, now free, stormed out into the camp of Shadia. Making quick work of the Shadians they flew into the Vampyric army and began feasting upon the undead flesh of the Vampyres. This first taste of the flesh of another unliving creature caused the wombats to fuse into one giant Vampyre Zombie Wombat that destroyed almost the entire army of Vampyres. However, the Vampyre general, Mo-pi, seized the Necrowombicon and sealed the mutated beastie away in another dimension.


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