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The Nevelost are a race of humanoids that once were plentiful in Battal, dwelling in the Mysterwoods of the Northern Vale, largely in their forest city of Merrigold. After the events surrounding the loss of this city, only a few refugee Nevelost remain. They are tall, with fair skin and hair, and universally good looking. They can be recognized by their long pointed ears and natural grace. Despite superficial resemblances, however, they are not elves or Boxing Glove.



Nevelost are inherently magical, having an innate ability to use Lesser Elemenstation. They are also fearsome in battle, although they are naturally peace-loving. In fact, the Nevelost are masters of a great many things, including hunting, gathering, tracking, singing, dancing, lute-playing, harp-playing, flute-playing, tumbling, juggling, lock-picking, sword use, spear use, longbow use, shortbow use, rope-making, baking, rope-climbing, tree-climbing, rock-climbing, social-climbing, sailing, swimming, fishing, reading, writing, arithmetic, lovemaking, first aid, weaving, sewing, running, horseback riding, animal taming, mining, metalwork, jewellery-making, and magic-weaponsmithing. They also live to be thousands of years old, and can see in the dark. Their eyes glow with the same pale blue fire of Silverstone. They speak all the beautiful tongues of the realm, their own being the most beautiful. Their flatulence smells only of lavender and hollyhock.


The Nevelost attribute their many talents to the blessings of the Encients, who taught them the lost Epic Ways. Most other races don't seem to take this assertion seriously, however. (Particularly the Elves, who get particularly pissed off about that sort of thing).



With all these skills, some may be tempted to ask why the Nevelost, who are universally benevolent and intelligent, did not gather their strength and sweep all evil from the land. Unfortunately, they chose to laze about in the forest, eating magical pastry, fresh fruit, and singing beautiful songs that cause all weariness to leave those that hear them. Despite this, they were still generally revered by most good people throughout the realm, and hated and feared by evil.


In fact, at several times during the cycle, individual Nevelost have appeared to help the various adventurers in their quests, most notably Llorllthos, the brave companion of Princess Crystalcrown.


Fate of the Nevelost

Unfortunately, the loss of their principal city of Merrigold and the ultimate fate of their home forest of Mysterwoods of the Northern Vale, forced the largest concentration of Nevelost, who were increasingly intermarrying with Elves, to seek refuge underground in the Silverstone mines which extended deep below the lands of their former home. Ethollrill, Sultantate-King of the Nevelost, named this new realm the Underkingdom of Grth'lwythlnn, which means "Last Refuge" in the speech of the Nevelost.


By year -19,232 (TH), no communities of Nevelost lived above ground. The cataclysmic collapse of the entrance to the Silverstone mines sealed the subterrainian population away from the affairs of the surface world for 46,012 years, when a massive earthquake reopened the way passage that led above ground. The Nevelost had completely intermarried with the Elves that had come with them below ground, and were additionally warped and corrupted by eons of life underground, so what emmerged were not Nevelost at all, but the evil Unlight Elves who were additionally still bitter that nobody attempted to come for them in all that time.


A few pureblooded and not-quite-so-bitter of the Nevelost remained, however, and emerged from the Underkingdom when they realized, somewhat belatedly, that the entrance was open and their dark brethren had departed. This small faction would persist in Battal until the end of time, mostly content to avoid discovery for money on the web but occasionally seeking to do some good in the world. Well, Llorllthos wanted to do some good, anyways.



Twice yearly the Nevelost celebrate the most fun of all holidays: Festivus, which involves dancing, arts and crafts, competition throwing various punches, and much pulling from the Bag of Random Fun. This holiday has been embraced by other races and so the spirit of Festivus remains, although there are few Nevelost.



Nevelost-human encounters, for some reason, make up a staggering percentage of the 100 Slashes of the Sword, the controversial Fan Fiction.


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