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Not Really That Secret War

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Not Really That Secret War

In the southern part of Terle's windy plains, the city of Lol'thoriun was prosperous and succesful in trade with their neighbour city, Rof'lhoriun. However, due to the inherent laziness of everyone living in Lol'thoriun, they had a horrible unresolved plumbing problem (they despised the Doppelgangers for no apparent reason) for decades that caused an indescribable stench, which didn't bother them much since the constant wind kept the air in the city fresh.

The neighbor city Rof'lhoriun was another story, though, for the city had been built along the wind's direction and they received that horrible stench, growing ever stronger by the month. In the great year 13,173 the citizens of Rof'lhoriun had had enough, and decided that action had to be taken. At first they tried to negotiate with Lol'thoriun and find a solution that way but the Lol'thorians were just too lazy and ended up doing nothing.

After a while Rof'lhoriun declared war and started assaulting Lol'thoriun with hired armies of Doppelgangers that had the dangerous mission of fixing the sewage system. Lol'thoriun was slightly embarassed at the cause of this war and their inability to stop the shapeshifting Doppelgangers, and tried to keep it secret, but word spread among the Battal Smell Fetishist Society and soon almost everyone knew about the war.


Other aspects of the war

It seems as though Queen Dopplepopolus had ambitions other than plumbing, but was defeated by an as yet unnamed Carry Elemenstor.

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