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Notable Common Phrases and Idioms

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Notable Common Phrases and Idioms

The speaking races of Battal, even when speaking plaincommon, has some unusual idioms that are usually defined by context somewhere in the cycle, but may be confusing to new readers. This includes profane expressions and concepts invented by Mr. Brahe.


Word or PhraseMeaning
VuksA versatile expletive, slang for Vuksveufa. (ex. What the Vuks is that??)
arseholderInsult. Implies that a person is unqualified to do anything other than hold onto their own arse. Popularized shortly after the Sundering by a talking lance named Duane.
FarshA spoiled brat. Very common in northern Battal.
a Devil-White PrankA harmless joke
Deep okra daysFondly remembered warm summer days of youth
a four digit wind bug fadA trend that will pass quickly, only to reappear again in a yearicle
Decor bobA man who pays unusually close attention to the trendy decoration of his domocile. Possibly one of the Fancy Men.
LulzDeriving humor from the tragic misfortune of others.
WWRD?Expression of ethical contenplation, short for: Wha'wood Ronard do?
BluebarnerOne who takes an unhealthy delight in wenches.
Round-merry RuffleAn unfaithful woman
SquipA tiny pack of; a small, disastified, even pathetic gathering
The Mended LandsThe result of The True Unsundering
Fireball Common name laymen use for most offensive Fire spells and gears. Considered deragatory by practitioners.
furnismPrejudice against Furniliars.
Gonsuave Giovelli ExperienceThe experience of being made love to by Battal's greatest lover. Sometimes also used to refer to good sex in general. IE "I had a Gonsuave Giovelli Experience last night."
perilous circumstancesSlang term used by old women to refer to generic dangerous goings-on.
UrtookooSomeone obsessed with the Wang Kingdom.
VanillaA Mean Elf curse
Twenty-aught-thirty-threeone of the common euphamisms appearing in Book 1 through Book 3 referring to the Great Elemenstation War. (refers to the year of the event)
OmgAn exclaimation of shock or disbelief
The Large Meal In The Middle Of The Day After A Heavy Night The Night BeforeA meal somewhat similar to the earthly concept of brunch.
norfs "You can't define the greatness of norfs !!!" But apparently, they are something you wear when something exciting is going to happen.
talsking often done by Backas
Quite dapperA condition that arises in which a person looks very stylish.
Sword of RonardAnything that acts as an extention of Ronard's will or teachings.


"Nothing good comes from The Dank."
"From the purse fall the coins".Meaning unclear.
"You'll put your eye out."Meaning "don't be greedy", derived from the use of Quilder as currency.
"Tlon Uqbar!" Meaning "How ironic!"
"Have a smoke"Meaning to set things on fire for relaxational purposes, very common amoung hotbloods and pyromancers.
"Kah-ga rood-ruk vit du-steeb."Translation from Darv: "A little of me in my mitten". A Bizarklian proverb meaning that you leave a little bit of yourself in the things that you keep close.
"That's good for tea trees."Something that is unspeakably nasty and disgusting. (it's only good for Good For Tea Trees).
"Measured by the ruler"a popular phrase in Blee to refer to things that are correct and beyond question


Elemenstor Jargon

gear striking or striking gearsThis is the common term used by Elemenstors when referring to using their craft. This is to differentiate themselves from "magicians" which "cast" "spells", through the use of "magic". Largely anything outside of Elemenstation is looked down upon by Elemenstors
boot (less commonly: Boot Up)Striking very simple gears. Derived from the extremely simple gear "Boots of Increased Comfort". Elemenstors that can't even boot aren't worth their gemflecks
ElebdenamExclamation of triumph.
ElemensWhoringKinky Elemenstor sex.
ElemenstoringThe act of being an Elemenstor.
ElemeshmanA young Elemenstation student.
in-Elemenstoriteslang meaning (depending on context) unheard of, mysterious, or very elemenstorly

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