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The Ocumen







Other Names


Known Relations

  • Son of Yenomon and Yenomfokcal Onsah



The Ocumen is the only name given to the immortal spirit of the first and greatest Elemenstor, the Unsunderer Harbinger Portent. While the existence of the Ocumen is revealed in the controversial Wizbits timeline, he has been tacitly accepted into canon by later authors.


The story of the Ocumen begins with the death of the Harbinger Portent at the hands of his wicked protege, Char Reyarteb. While the Ocumen makes his first appearance in the Wizbits Elemenstor tie-in, the deepest origins of the Ocumen are revealed in a limited edition graphic novel Elemenstor Goes to Hell, which details the epic struggles of the spirit of the recently departed Harbinger Portent on the Nastier Planes. In the final chapter of the work, the Dyemon Lord Prysmatik, furious that he has lost a drinking game (Ranog Quarum) to the disembodied soul of one of his most smug enemies, creates a temporarily alliance between all colors of Dyemon and brings them to bear against the spirit of the Harbinger Portent. The battle is close, but at the very end, the Dyemons manage to shred the spirit of the Harbinger Portent, returning it to the Elmether from whence it came. The final panel of the comic reveals a shot of the spirals of space- with a thought racing across it: "Char...I must return to stop Char..."


Centuries after the events of that comic unfold, the former Harbinger Portent becomes aware of his own existence within the spiraling nethers in the spaces between the Elmether, and dubs himself the Ocumen. While he had lost much of his old identity, he still retained some knowledge of Elemenstation, and was slowly able manipulate his way through the planes of the Elmether.


When he had finally made his way back to the mortal lane of Battal, the former Harbinger Portent was shocked to discover that two thousand years had passed. He was not as shocked to see that his pupil, Char Reyarteb, had managed to subjugate the world and usher in an age of fear.


Doing the most Epic thing he could think of, the Ocumen (consciously or unconsciously) found the four youths selected and empowered at birth by Aklom Reklats and decided to watch over them, working with the youths and eventually Reklats himself, ultimately revealing himself to his former student Char Reyarteb at the Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom. The Ocumen then helped to completely eradicating all traces of Reyarteb's dark evil (unsuccessfully, as Reyarteb returned once more in the year 23,354 at the Battle of Freedom's Peril, with the unknowing aid of Sierra Vanity).


Afterwards, the Ocumen began to traverse a great number of planes of Elmether, finally settling in an epic dimension quite some distance away from Battal, now known as the Plane of the Ocumen. Here he lived in order to meditate and regain what power he had lost, as well as to regain the rest of his missing memory. However, the Ocumen also hid the mighty Sword of the Ocumen within the sands of the Unothath Desert, that had the ability to summon him once more from his sleep, in case he was needed. To this day, no one has had to use the blade (with serious intent, of course -- prank calls come about every once in a while).



  • The Four Underdogs
  • The Sword of the Ocumen
  • The Plane of the Ocumen

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