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Old To-Do List Archive

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 10 months ago

The Beautiful Chaos of the Bottom Section of the Old To-DO list


Could someone take a look at the Wang Era and try to help clean up the confusion. Someone added a Cardboard Tube Samurai which seems to contradict the canon established by The Cardboard Tube of Unusual Sharpness and Popularity. I've done the best I could, connecting P'km'n the Hungry with Pahkmaan, but i think things could be cleared up a little more. -CJ


The cardboard tube confusions, I believe, are a result of a confustion between the ELotH:TES version and the abominable The Elspinster Saga. That may help. Dan.heck


Anyone care to help me elaborate on the Elements? I've developed the article on Stream quite a bit, and could really use some help fleshing out Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Stream makes a good example of the style I'd like to maintain, but as Stream is more of a Force rather than a pure Element, obviously there will be some necessary format differences. Any information you can add concerning an Element's Abilities, Furniliars, Elemanifestations, and especially typical or notable Elemenstors would be great.


Add things you think need doing at the top of the page.


I've made a standard style for entries which are major eras of the timeline, and applied it to The Hierarchy (the first era) and The Ending Times (the last era). Please help to do similar focus pages with included timeline sections on each of the others!-ekd


In regards to the timeline problem, I included the information put forth in Brahe's short story The Verdant Anguish that was printed in the fanclub zine several years back. The Journey of Shezdor took place in 500, Verdant Anuerism carried the swords back in time (they were scattered in the process) and tipped Sepathok off to their existence, since he had collected them in the future, where they had been forged. I know this one caused a lot of controversy when it came out, but it's the only real explanation we've got. --b.fox


Actually, that story was later retconned out of existence by a Chronosorcerer in another of Brahe's short stories. It looks like the Shezdor game will take place before the elemenstor cycle, and according to Brahe, it's canonical -Luggage


I found a MAJOR problem in the timeline that needs to be corrected. The 100 swords of sepathok are forged 12000 years after Shezdor's legendary quest to find them. Thanks to time sorcel'ry this shouldnt be a huge problem. 12,066 - The Foundation of the Kingdom of Alfafanar by its first king, Cedric the Bastard. xxxxxx - King Selent was the one thousandth King of Alfafanar. xxxxxx - Gragnakas bargained with King Selent to release his familiy in exchange for the hundred swords. xxxxxx - Over the course of his life, Sepathok gathered the 100 swords forged by Gragnakas. 500 - The Journey of Shezdor - The beginning of Shezdor's quest to gather all 100 Swords of Sepathok.


I think I've fixed it.


The Journey of Shezdor appears twice in the Saga timeline, once during The Magic Sword Kings Period, and once again during The Rise Of The Elemenstors. Does anyone know when it actually happened?


It should be pointed out that due to various sorts of Chrono-meddling, several events in Battal's history happen in several different time places at the same un-time. I don't remember if the Journey of Shezdor is one of them. -Delduwath


  • We need to elaborate more on all the races, see if you can remember all the individual hero's and history of the races. We need to start filling out those stubs.
  • Some dates inconsistent, currently timeline has Portent taking on Char Reyarteb as his student before discovering secrets of High Elemenstation - is this right? Also, Char's entry has him born in 15,670 - apparently 14 years after meeting Portent! Can someone with access to the books please clear this up?
  • A few of the 100 swords mention different creators than Gragnakas and never mention Sepathok finding them
  • Geography is really confusing. Some maps of unsundered Battal would be good.
  • We need some ARTWORK UP IN THIS PIECE! Get out the old Rpg's, collectibles and fanart peoples! We have a lot to draw from when it comes to artist's interpretations of ELotH:TES! Get those scanners going!
  • We probably need to fill in some more in the Saga Timeline for The Magic Sword Kings Period. There is a huge chunk of time and I KNOW something happened during it!
  • Whoever is responsible for that wonderful Wizbits recording needs to get us a clearer sample, stat! Don't tease!
  • Flesh out the characters more.
  • Add any books authored in the Elemenstor realm to the new Books page.
  • Anytime someone mentions a date they should continue to the Timeline page and place it below the relevant era as a sub-category.
  • Anytime a new character is mentioned it would probably be a good idea to add them to the People list, and/or in the appropriate section.
  • Add more information about the Vamprye Wars and the twelve realms
  • N00b guide
  • Make pages stylistically consistant. See: Style Guidelines


  • Pages that need work:
    • Homo Canii
    • sorcerials
    • The Hierarchy --somewhat fixed as in it differentiated between the modern cult and the Hierarchs mentioned in the lore as being two different enteties, yet no one has added The Heierarchy itself yet.--remember, the Hierarchy is the name of the first time period, while the Hierarchs are the supreme beings of ELotH:TES.
    • Several of the Locations need expansion


  • Pages that might be worth creating:



  • Continuty problems:


  • Things to Do When Thinking About You Occurs:
    • Touch Myself
    • Add additional Sword details


  • Periodically re-alphabetize lists, they are growing like weeds!





Am I the only one here who didn't know about the 2002 recall of the Wizbits plushies due to their high mercury content? Crap.


We ought to work on the creation story of this universe--the Darkstorm of the Hierarchs and the destruction of the Four Vales--koopa101@gmail.com


Stuff on the MMO is going up, but shouldn't we also be covering the galaxy of ELotH MUDs, MOOs, and MUSHes out there?


I wonder - does anyone have the ELotH comic books? I had all 37, plus the annual, a few years ago, but I can't find them anymore. I don't remember the plot too well, but the artwork was fantastic. I remember that the picture of the Charnel Wyrm was one of my favorites. I'd love it if someone could do a little write-up of the comics themselves. --Delduwath


Does anyone still have a copy of ELotH:Trivial Pursuit? My mom threw mine out when I went to college along with the rest of my collection (I'll never forgive her for that). It's got to have a ton of information in it. I'll look for one on eBay if no one can scrounge one up. -MMM


Brahe and Realmworlds released a surprising statement in 2000 that ELotH:Trivial Pursuit was actually not canonical, as many of the questions and answers were developed by Brahe in a 'drug-induced stupor.' It definitely deserves its own entry though, if anybody still has a copy. - b.fox


Oh, please. If things developed by Brahe in a drug-induced stupor didn't count as canonical, the whole saga could be boiled down to "Book 1 and some of chapter 3 of book 2". At this point, the fans are the only ones truly qualified to decide what is canonical and what isn't. - Montykins


Also, somebody with some time should do a search and replace of Elementstor and it's extraneous T. -kevin w


I'll take a hack at it. -themadpoet


Is it Battel or Battal? Both are used currently. Also, there is a unit of measurement (clospecscions) mentioned on the Tordingwall page that isn't in the Weights and Measures page. -kevin w


I fixed that Kevin, thanks for the heads up! --Knighten


It's Battal. Most of the uses of the incorrect "Battel" have been corrected (thanks to whoever did that!). Might as well add clospecscions to the Weights and Measures page. - themadpoet


I'm going to begin work on the n00b page this evening, to try and provide a readable outline of the history of Battal and some of its main characters that reads easier than the saga timeline. It's going to be a lot of work to try and pull a complete story together from all the different ELotH sources, but I'll take my best stab at it. Once it's up, feel free to edit any egregious errors. -Bugsby


Good idea. It should prove useful to more people than just newbies. -themadpoet


I'm thinking all the major Era headings in the definative timeline should lead to entries with a unified style and content - i.e. I'll try to do so with the Ending Times entry - some standard info about the era that could be applied across all of them. Date, varied names for the era, some human (or non) interest about life in that period, etc. -Ekd


Added some more info about The Magic Sword Kings and put some navigation on the N00b page. I spent 30 minutes going through old gaming material before I finally found my Sword King deck, but it was a trove of info. -b.fox


I've cleaned up most of the old references to the first Magic Sword King page, which was replaced by "Magic Sword Kings". The only references to the first page that I haven't been able to clean up are in the Saga Timeline, which is constantly being edited. So if someone manages to edit the timeline, could (s)he fix the links from Magic Sword King to Magic Sword Kings? - Senhal


I hate stealing edit locks, even if it seems to be more than an hour since someone started editing. We need to put up a technical reminder somewhere of the importance of the "Cancel" button. Since the N00b guide is more about story... should there be a seperate guide for that kind of thing?


Blessed are those brave souls who add pages for unlinked swords!


I've posted the original japanese translation of the original japanese theme song. Currently recording the track and will provide the japanese lyrics as well. Also looking for some people to help with various intro's/outro's to the following seasons, specials, Wizbit spinoff's/mini series etc. e-mail sozotsu@gmail.com for collaborations. -Hideo


It's been said above, but Tides of Epic Conflict Saga needs to be done. Look at Lord Hopebane, Saga Timeline, The Sickle, Lady Ambivilia, The Hyacinth Emperor, Bizarkule, and Westrenn Coast for information; I think that's all that's been written on the subject. Does anybody still have a copy of ToECS? It used to be one of my favorites. -patkelly

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