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Olona is usually depicted as a dancing Cohoris female. She is described in legend as what is believed by the storyteller as what the perfect Cohoris female would be in terms of appearance, in terms of personality she is rather haughty and asks for perfection in everything. She is the goddess in Cohoris mythology who fell in love with Cohor, she thought he was the perfect male at least physically, but was scorned by her later for his choice of the false Egg of Power. In her fury, she tasked Cohor with the final and most fiendish of the fourteen great trials: to plough the vast onion fields of the Plane of Infinite Weeping Sorrow. She later married Zhain because he was as close to perfect as she could find, and he was a good dancer.


Olona is invoked in a prayer before any weaving that Cohoris does in the hopes of a blessing from Olona in the form of a perfect creation. It is considered an extreme complement among the Cohoris to compare a female to Olona in terms of beauty. It is interesting that while Olona did make Cohor do the Final Trial and scorned Cohor for choosing the wrong egg, she is still a very well respected and loved goddess among the Cohoris.



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