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A historical conundrum of the first order. There are many legends of great armies of 'Orcs,' and they are presumed by the common people to be a race unto themselves, rather than a mere nation, faction, or clan. However, despite these legends no primary sources exist to confirm the existence of Orcs, either individually or severally. Furthermore, accounts of their appearance vary from 'twisted elf' to 'piglike humanoid' to 'green-skinned monster or even "big 'n tuff!"'


It is suspected by some that the universal legends of Orcs contrasted with the total lack of evidence for their existence means that they may have been written out of existence by the machinations of the Chronosorcellors. These historians charge that the widespread legends of Orcish depredations in the twelve realms and afterward indicate that they must have existed in an earlier or parallel incarnation of The Sickle, The Shield, or some other region of the Elmether.


Alternatively, the other leading hypothesis suggests that the depiction of Orcs is entirely based on which fantasy franchise Tycho (or some other author) last saw.

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