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Osmond the Ottoman

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Osmond the Ottoman


"Give me liberty or render me into kindling."--Attributed to Osmond the Ottoman


One of the first Free Furniliars, Osmond the Ottoman was a noble and true follower to his Elemenstor companion, 'Juicy' leSheya. Not the best of wandering heroes, "Juicy" leSheya's final words to her creation were "Go now and be freeAGGGH IT HURTS SO BAD."


Ennobled by his maker's not-as-much-sacrifice-as-much-as-partial-consumption-by-wandering-monster, Osmond traversed The Shield in search of like-minded Furniliars (and peasants tired of being treated like animated furniture) to bring to his cause. With immense charisma and sweeping plans for his kind, Osmond effortlessly gathered up enough free Furniliars to start a nation, and, under the direction of the Cult of the Wood Stain, Osmond created the great Ottoman Empire.


In time, Osmond threw off the shackles placed on him by the Cult and created a true free state. However, despite his best intentions, his people were soon thrust into a death spiral of pretention and labelling, especially by the Naturally Occuring Flying Wing Chairs, who came up with the phrase "furniliar is a slave name." Constant bickering about proper terminology was the Ottoman Empire's greatest weakness during the Spica Wars.


Tragically, Osmond could start a nation and lead its people, but lacked the ability to stop his people from "liberal-arts-college"'ing their way into oblivion after the Wars ended. Also, the Elemenstors he enslaved to create more Furniliars grew strong enough to disenchant their bonds and burn the Empire to the ground.

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