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Pancake Bunny

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Pancake Bunny


Bogyn's Nastiness Rating: -70 (Harmless)


An adorable species of rabbit known for its high levels of Cuteness. Nevertheless, it was nearly hunted to extinction for its meat. However, the species suddenly evolved a fantastic new mutation - every morning at 9-am on their heads, three of the goldenest, fluffiest, moistest, tastiest pancakes you can imagine will appear. This made it far more economical to keep and breed the bunnies rather than kill them, and they soon flourished once again.


Later generations of Pancake Bunnies have evolved the ability to process delicious syrup as a type of waste. The flavor of the syrup depends on the color of fur of the bunny. A popular bit of ELotH:TES merchandise is the Pancake Bunny Syrup Bottle.


They were first introduced in the children's book The Lonely Little Waffle Bunny, in which a mutant Pancake Bunny produces waffles instead of pancakes.

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