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Elected to the High Council of Arkleaf in year 17,906, by year 17,909 he was the High Knitting-Master of the Cohoris, so great were his knitting skills, matched only by his grasp of the machinations of a heavy beuracracy. He was also known for his long windedness and his terrible sense of direction.


When the great siege fell upon his city he was greatly distressed, and worked within the council night and day to try to plan out the best course of action. Or rather, to plan out the plan for determining who would plan out the best course of action. This lasted many years, where Peladdywynnyd served faithfully on many comittees and sub-commitees.


A master songsmith as well as orator, he sung The Betrayal of Vapors when it was suggested that the Grim Vapor Lords had betrayed them all. For though he was timid when faced with direct physical confrontation, as a singer of alegorical song he was merciless.


A particularly notable event in Peladdywynn's life was when, after a particularly heated debate on the floor of the council chambers, he stormed out of the session. He wandered the city of Arkleaf for 7 years as told in Great Wandering Tale of the Great Knitter, where among many other things he discovers the new battlestaff-related poses of the Cohoris Guard.


He returned to the council and found them still in session and told of his tidings. With this new information, new studies and new commitees were needed. Before he knew it, years had again passed. His life came to a tragic end when Admiral Beyunbyrnor confronts the council in 17,959 and Peladdywynnyd dies of fright.


For this respected leader, a great funeral is held. Here the Eulogy Song of the High Weaver is sung.


This would have been the end of Peladdywynnyd's tale had his spirit been able to rest peacefully. Unfortunately, since he died while in the midst of a great work, his spirit roams the land restlessly, singing songs and making speeches to unlucky travellers who find they need traverse alone the lands where Arkleaf once nobly sat.


The Ghost of Peladdywynnyd, a ShadeGhost makes an appearance to Dogus Brankorking in Book 5.

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