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A race of small (about 4 feet tall) scrawny primitives who live in the Dead Lands surrounding the village ("kingdom") of Nebulon. The weak, dull dark-grey/purple skinned Petraminians have large hands and largely featureless mostly circular heads with a small tuft of black hair and small beady black eyes, with large gaping mouths which usually are smiling in a friendly way, showing a mouth full of pearly white round, peg-like teeth.


The Petraminians are devoutly religious, worshiping the elements in a non-magical ritualized version of the Giant religion of Petramina.


Petraminian Cosmology

The Petraminians have an unusual, unscrutibly specific, peculiar "religion". They believe that the first mortals created by the Hierarchs appeared in the year -76,399. This is their story.


  • -76,399 - The first sentient mortals appear, coalescing out of chaos, thought to be named Potato and Chardonae.



  • -75,323 - Potato and Chardonae decide to "Just be friends".


  • -75,322 - Chardonae begins seeing someone, named Neel, who claims to be from a previously existing universe. Potato becomes quite angry.


  • -75,321 - Potato attempts to murder Chardonae and Neel, but is thwarted and thrown outside of Timenes. Chardonae and Neel decide beg the Hierarchs to create The Sun and let them hide within it to avoid him returning. To make the best of things, the Hierarchs sprinkle one thousand planets to orbit around the sun.


  • -75,319 - Potato comes back with a vengence, using powers he gained from the end of Time, he destroys much of the planets of the solar system, leaving only a handful still standing. Neel and Potato engage in mighty battle and fall out of Timenes and Spacenes. Chardonae gives birth to Cataclysmos 1 and Cataclysmos 7 in her sorrow.

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