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This term is used to describe the avid fans of the ElamenSTAR character Phila. The extent of Phila's popularity in the fan community often puzzles those who are familiar with the characters only through the Americanised conversion, The Wizbits. In the later series of ElamenSTAR, Phila gradually ceased to be portrayed as the comically clumsy fat-girl, and became a more sympathetic, well developed character.


Phila's famous sermon on the weight loss she experienced during season 3 of ElamenSTAR is particuarly famous among fans, where it is celebrated both as an inspiring message and a leading cause of suicide among female teenage fans.


"Remember, girls, anybody can lose weight. If you can't, it's probably because you're stupid and have loads of stuff wrong with your personality. Nobody's ever going to like you." - Phila on weight loss