Plains of Estereem

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Plains of Estereem

The Plains of Estereem, ancient home of the Ecreekem, is a location that appears to no longer exist. During the time of The Hierarchy, the Plains of Estereem were said to be a very large and very muddy part of the northeastern Eastrenn Coast of The Sickle. We see no hide or hair of it after The Sundering, however, leaving some fans to guess that the Plains now exist on the Cataclysmic Bluont.

The Plains themselves are less plains and more a hugely muddy field, where the specially adapted Fludwood Trees grew, scattered here and there around in the mud. It was, in general, a boring place, but a place that the Ecreekem happily called home until being brought out of the area by Gespechio.




It would appear that The Plains of Estereem were where the Bay of Cream now appears... Could this be a result of "The Forbidden Experiment" that is referred to in the Tales of the Sickle graphic novel?