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Plains of the Underdark

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The Plains of the Underdark

South of The Baren Swamplands of Yore, southwest of The Kingdom of Parsonya, and just northeast of Mount Volcanus and the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow in the land of Shulk sit the Plains of The Underdark.


A dark and dreary place, this is the battle ground for the Four Underdogs in the ElamenSTAR episode Fear and Trembling.


It was in the northern plains of this region was the city of Yoreheim, the city built around the Altar of Escargoth where the remains of the great (and only) Un-Elemenstor Wroclaw Cengant were laid to rest, as well as the great towers of Rue and Woe.



It is notable that these plains are devoid of Minotaur. The fact that they were considered "unclean" by the notoriously crude and dirty Southern Blood Teeth Herd is a testament to the foulness of this place.

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