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I felt that planes aren't really locations proper, so I split them off into another category. Feel free to disagree. Someone should flesh out a description of what planes are in a real epic fantasy, so people don't get confused.
Howzat up there work? Good? I'm in favor of a seperate entry for mountains too; right now I just linked to "locations." -TychoCelchuuu
I agree with first post--planes are not physical places...I think the author of this article is thinking about PLAINS, not PLANES -Koopa
I think that the description above would make an excellent entry for plains, because it's amusing and informative. -Tim
I am so confused. A plane is a flat thing. Plain is an adjective. It means boring, unadorned. I've just been rereading the books, and all that wonderful writing might be screwing up my brain, but Tim, your comment makes no sense to me at all. "Plains" isn't anything, really. It's the plural of plain, but plain is an adjective, so there's really no such word. -TychoCelchuuu
A Plane is also a term for a realm of existence. Separated your description into a article on the Plains of battal. ~Jake
This gives me a headache, man. When you say "Separated your description into a article on the Plains of battal" is "plains" just a typo, or did you actually move it to "plains?" In that case, it would be "planes." Argh. Also I can't find the article either way. -TychoCelchuuu
Thought it was pretty clear. Under locations there's now a link to your discussion of Plains. This is a page listing planes, which are not geographic features. They're worlds in and of themselves, often with different rules. Recap: Plains are flat hunks of land, while a plane in this context is a world of existence. ~Jake
Oh. I gotcha. -TychoCelchuuu

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