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Players of Battal

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Players of Battal


The seventh book in the The Resundering and Beyond collection of the ElemenstorLance series. It follows three previously unknown characters, Ibid, Ovid and Jullian, three mud farmers who have apparently been present at all of the critical events of the past six books, despite no evidence supporting this in the other books and several logic and logistical problems with those claims. The trio find themselves locked deep within Castle Eureka where they are confronted by an avatar of Kalechio, the Thousand-Armed Death Goddess, who forces them to play a horrible game of her own creation or die.


What follows has been described as an utterly transparent series of jabs at various competing role playing games in competition with ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG, ending up in a ridiculous mish-mash of various cameos (Co'ner the Bright Eyed and the Four Underdogs as prime examples) until Kalechio flees, seeing that her role playing game cannot stand against the might that is ELotH, which inexplicably is referred to directly. The famously annoying characters Theenis Dwarvelfan, Ponyhoof Pickpocket, and Drang Boomstick, along with their enemies, Osteorin the Couldn't Resist a Dare, Alambar the What The Hell Was He Thinking, and Furbles the Hireling also make regular appearances, though why characters from Elemenstors of Autumn Springtime should be present is something of a mystery.


Critically, the book was met with mixed opinions. Die hard fans of ElemenstorLance accepted it as an interesting and novel experiment in the universe and quickly changed the subject whenever it was mentioned. Everyone else however pointed out that the book was essentially a 289 page ad for a game most readers already played book-ended by amaturish fan-fiction.


While Realmworlds Publishing officially supports the book as an accepted part of the official ElemenstorLance cannon, it is telling that the book, originally attributed to Johnny John John-nison (hopefully a pen-name), subsequent editions have been published without reference to an author.

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