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Poisondeath, Scourge of Life

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Poisondeath, Scourge of Life

Very very poisonous. The white hot steel of the blade was tempered in the venom of a thousand snakes and one Yydthorl. The poison of this blade can only be cured by Antidotelife, Scourge of Death.


It is believed, or at least some guy down at the tavern has said that sometime shortly after Sepathok's death the swords Poisondeath, Scourge of Life and Antidotelife, Scourge of Death found their way into the slender slightly feminine hands of one Jastevi - High Assassin of The Order of the Black Hand. Jastevi was something of a political trouble maker, poisoning one well liked king in his sleep with Poisondeath, while showing up during an unjust king's feast (That had coincidentally been poisoned by his cook) and using Antidotelife to save him. Basically Jastevi was just an ass. Also Rumoured to be a member of The Darkmarch Elven race.









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