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BC Book Two: Priest-King


Published January 5th, 2000


Dust Jacket

Brothic, Servant of the Elements, has reigned over the Trolls for 10 years and is now seen as both Priest and King. He now sees that the time is ripe for his people to rise to their destiny and forge a new nation in the land of Blee. However, the land is currently inhabited by the Great Nation of Nar, great telesorcerials of epic power. Follow him as he battles the Nar to win his birthright!



For 10 years Brothic has reigned as a benevolent leader and is acclaimed Priest-King, spreading the light of his religion to his subjects and spreading civic justice and wellbeing. However, his enemies have not been idle. The survivors of the Battle of the March fled far and wide, everywhere spreading the tale of a conquering Giant army, poised to make war against the entire world. King Pentral began to arm his country for war, waiting for the Giant army to return. As they did, they entered into the great grasslands of Morlond's Field. Due to the loose organization of authority and the generally agrarian nature of the land, the Giants had passed through unchallenged, but not unnoticed. The local farmers and townspeople, no longer being mad, realized their sudden need for national defense and a military and, realizing they had neither, hired mercenaries from Gerge'a (formerly K'th'ith'h) to provide training. So, when King Pentral marched his army into their land, he was faced with an army of half a million soldiers. After a brief, year-long misunderstanding known as The Pointless Battle, the three armies joined and marched as one in search of Brothic and his army.


Brothic, meanwhile, sees in a vision that it is time for his armies to march triumphantly into Blee, and leads them down through the foothills of Wang into their promised land, where they are met by the malevolent Great Nation of Nar and their leader, the Great Sorcellor Naron. They immediately wage a devastating magikal war against the Giants and Trolls, but Brothic fights valiantly until he is poised to defeat Naron. In desperation, Naron and his people use the power of telesorc'ley to teleport Brothic and all of his people to the Mardath Highlands. They are immediately attacked by an army of Dwarves and must defend themselves and then wander through the Highlands, beset on all sides by the dwarvish armies.


They come at last to the forests of Shadia. Brothic is told in a dream to clear a grand highway through the trees, and uses the divine Axe of Everlasting Flame to cut a swath. This, however, enrages the Witch-Elves and Elf-Witches, and they join with the Shadian men to fight the giants from the shadows, keeping them from finding the way out of their forests.

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