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Professor Dervmont

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Professor Dervmont

The bespectacled Professor Dervmont is a Quilp, a six-legged porcupine. Though his nose is often buried in a book, he is known to help The Wizbits from time to time. Being quite absent-minded, sometimes he just gets them deeper into trouble.


He is Lander's familiar, although this causes him no end of problems. His mother finds Quilps to be absolutely ghastly, and shrieks whenever she finds the Professor hiding under a stool or nosing through the family album.


Catchphrases and Quotes:

  • "Good heavens, child, a moment's patience!"
  • "Ahem, I hardly think this is the sort of thing we should get involved with."
  • "Just a moment...I think I remember reading something about this in a book."
  • "Don't open that book, Lander. You won't understand the pictures until you're older."


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