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A Wang Kingdom cousin of the Unicorn, it is significantly more powerful and peaceful. Qinglicorns resemble very large deer, chiefly, albiet with a number of glowing antlers, a disturbingly humanoid face, a gigantic, lion-like mane, and a long, vulpine tail.


Qinglicorns posess a number of powers. Like their unicorn relatives, they can heal life from near-certain death. They can also levitate themselves or other objects and cast powerful illusions. This allows them to fly through the air, or walk accross a pond's surface without disturbing the water.


Qinglicorns are solitary creatures, often dwelling within wooded forests. They only live while the Bright Moons are visible, fading away and dying when they vanish from the sky, only to be reborn anew when they reappear.


Unlike unicorns, they only attack the wicked, and delight in living in areas ruled by a benevolent or inspiring leader.


If beheaded, a Qinglicorn will transform into a Fleshreaper-like entity made up of monsterous mud and start destroying cities. The only way to stop it at this point is hope that Kurilla shows up and kicks its ass. Beheading a Qinglicorn is not a good idea, in short, although it is the only way to make the delicious Qinglicorn Head Stew.

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