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Also known as Pygmy Dragons or Sky Lizards, they are actually a species of omnivorous, warm-blooded, flying reptiles, and are not truly Dragons. Wild Quasar are usually blue, copper, or plaid in color. Quasar paired to a Quasar Rider are red, green, or purple (for very odd reasons).


Quasar have insectoid eyes that can display visual projections of the Quasar's thoughts via beams of light, much like a modern-day movie projector. This is chiefly how they communicate. Their body is covered in a thin layer of fur, under which the Quasar have a body of smooth scales. They have powerful, leathery wings covered in light, feathery, down. They defecate via a vestigial third leg on their hindquarters.


Quasar cannot breathe fire, but they can sneeze out streams of a corossive acid called Jhereg by chewing and digesting Fireflowers, which are processed into a dangerous fluid-like snot that can eat through nearly any material.


They are native to the floating continent Zonardia, and were originally much smaller, but over the centuries they were bred to be mounts for the Zonardians.

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