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Rain Deer

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Rain Deer


A species of deer common to the Great Plateaus. They have are known for golden pelts, floppy ears, wide-spread hooves, and their very small tails. Their antlers are also very distinctive, as they appear to be thick, hose-like organs sprouting from the top of its head, ending in three branching prongs. Rain Deer are very docile and will often allow humans to approach them. It was named because it was thought that its horns produced showers of rain. For years, it was worshipped as a sign of good luck during crops and droughts.


Later biologists actually discovered that its urethral tracts are strung through its antlers, and the "rain" that squirted out its antlers was actually liquid excrement. It is not so revered anymore, although it is a common hazing ritual in Battal to dare a less-educated friend to go drink "Rain Deer water".


Only the truly starved or stupid would eat its meat. The Rain Deer's "water" is used to make Essence of Fermentia, which is incredibly intoxicating, but not enough to encourage people to drink mutant deer piss.

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