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Originally taught to Z'zzzzz the Alphabetically Last by the Higherlark Lukan Gradebearer, Bane of Men, this Sensoared Gear is rated as a Naughty Gear for reasons which will become apparent.


This gear requires the remains of a former Furniliar, then it works an awful like the Life Gear of Return Life except it "resurrects" a Furniliar. This brings up the question of why it is sensored because obviously if it is just like resurrection then there is no problem. However this is not the case as a Furniliar is not strictly alive in the normal sense (at least as far as the Life Element is concerned), and therefore the act of Refurnilisation is not quite the same. For one there is no time limit for this gear so it can be cast on any former Furniliar no matter how long it has been since it was destroyed. The other main difference is re-furnilisation sickness which is not entirely understood but seems related to the Allsoul in some way. Regardless this "sickness" makes the Furniliar unstable and they will attack any moving target whether friend or foe.

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