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Realmmasters was the first successful fantasy book published by Realmworlds Publishing. The origin of the manuscript is shrouded in mystery. The book itself has no author listed, and popular lore maintains that either Holhik or Krakins found it in a dumpster while they scavanged for spare change. Despite the eclectic origins, Realmmasters' timeless tale of a boy and his search for a dog (any dog) across multiple dimensions quickly became a best-seller. Critics blasted it for numerous typographical errors and the out of place and excessive criticism the book seemed to level at the seafood industry, but the public enjoyed it so much that Realmworlds Publishing commisioned four sequels. The original author has yet to step forward and write them, but the boxed set is available for preorder.


Summary of Realmmasters' plot:


Warning: SPOILERS follow


A young boy, Yolando Fitch, is contacted one day by a mysterious talking letter. The letter urges him to find his true calling as a Realmmaster, master of realms. Finch undertakes a tedious and dangerous journey across multiple realms, guided by a mysterious force that will help him to master the mysterious power of the realms. In a climax that has been called the moral triumph of this literary century, Finch rejects his newfound power as a Realmmaster and journeys abroad through newfound dimensions, looking for a dog. The book ends on a sad note as Finch interrupts his quest for a dog for a routine doctor's appointment and learns he has inoperable cancer.

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