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Red Comet

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Red Comet


Used by Fire Elemenstors who want to get around quickly, and have little regard for their own personal safety. This gear, first of all, makes the striker somewhat more resistant to burns and heat damage. Then it envelopes the area below the striker in a explosion of flames, with the intent that the striker be propeled in the manner or a rocket. When it DOES work, and the striker IS launched into the air and not instantly roasted alive, they quickly remember that they forgot to plan a way to survive a landing.


It is slightly more useful as a direct offensive assault, as nobody wants to be hit with a flaming Elemenstor that is traveling at insane speeds. It is more of a kamikaze attack than anything, though.


Char Reyarteb is one of the few people to master the use of this gear (i.e. not burning alive and landing safely). He used to get from place to place remarking that it looked really cool when he did it.


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