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Rhaja Lord

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Rhaja Lord


An ancient, some say timeless, powerful lord who first appears soon after the time of The Sundering in 10,660. His appearance marks the darkest days of The Burnten'ed Times.


"None can stand before the Rhaja Lord, for he is as an evil wind, blowing away the chaff of the world." boomed the etheral voice of the Rhaja Lord.


"Yeah? Well, you're an arseholder!" shouted Duane.


Down from the Beutrafficades he swept like an evil wind, his black cape spread out behind him as he rode on the back of his WratheSteed, Pulveire. Flanked by his hordes of merciless Boar Men, he sowed the seeds of suffering and reaped the grim harvest of death in one kingdom after another. When it looked like no-one could stand against his evil might, Propitious Opportune gathers an army of Skarhs, Eagles, and Men that beat the Rhaja Lord all the way back to foot of the Beutrafficades. In a final battle against the Rhaja Lord, (later chronicled as the Great Battle of Great Unificationess by Ulfulaz the Historian) Propitious plunges his blessed and bejeweled Firebrand Dagger into the heart of the evil fiend. Apparently mortally wounded, the Rhaja Lord staggers backwards into the darkness of his tomb just as the walls and ceiling start to collapse around Opportune, his plucky sidekick Garvey and a magic talking lance named Duane. They escape from the cave just in time, and the Rhaja Lord is buried, never again to trouble the land in the times of these Men.


The Rhaja Lord, one of The Twelve Scourges of Battal, returns in Book 9 to lead the Rogue Chronosorcellors, guiding them to use their powers to create the Rhjajyept. In so doing they would be transported back to The Four Vales before the Darkstorm in which the Rhaja Lord himself was seeded. To aid his conquest, the foul lord of untime crafted a Furniliar known as War Chest the Almighty from the broken bodies of 100 lesser furniliars. In time, War Chest the Almighty would become as infamous as the Rhaja Lord himself.

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