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Rock Candy

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Rock Candy


An Earth Gear that a Stoner can use to transform any rock, stone, or dirt into an edible substance. The Earth Elemenstor can strike it and cause the earth to take on the taste, consistancy, and nutritional value of anything they can imagine. Thus, they could make some flint taste like celery and have all the calories and fat of a pound of chocoolate - or they could make a slab of granite taste like a bowl of strawberry ice cream and have it contain zero calories and fat.


Unfortunately, there's no way to make rocks look appetizing.


This Gear is one of the reasons that Stoners are known to be such compulsive eaters, constantly suffering from the "muchies" and often seen shoveling something into their face, but oddly constantly remaining skinny.


Skip often feeds Penny Counterintuitively High Calorie Bran Flakes in the first season of The Wizbits, telling her that they're a "special diet food."

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